Run Digital Campaigns with Reliable, Trusted & Compliant Data

Our agnostic data platform enables marketers to access transparent, trusted data from multiple sources to run more successful and more targeted campaigns.

Audiencerate marketers

Why Choose Audiencerate for Your Data Needs?

Vast Scale

With 1.8 billion cookies globally, we have the scale you need for your campaigns.

Reliable, Transparent Data

All of our data must meet our stringent quality standards before it’s uploaded.

Advanced Targeting Options

Choose from demographic & interest targeting or create a composite audience.

First Party Data Onboarding

Run better campaigns using data generated from 3rd party activities & campaigns.

Easy Data Access

Once you’ve chosen your ideal audience, push it into your DSP of choice.

Privacy Compliance

We provide a safe environment designed for full compliance with privacy regulations.

First Party Modelling

Onboard your digital audiences into our platform for advanced targeting

Upload audiences from DSPs or data generated from 3rd party activities & campaigns and increase the scale of your campaigns via look-a-like targeting.

Composite Audiences

Combine a variety of targeting methods to create your ideal target audience

Mix 1st party & 3rd party data including demographic and interest data as well as first party modelling for more effective marketing campaigns.

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