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We have the scale you need to run better performing digital advertising campaigns.

Our Data Sources

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Audiencerate Proprietary Data

We have built our own proprietary data offering for marketers to power their programmatic campaigns.

Partner Data

Partner-Sourced Data

We work with data partners all over the world who help to supplement our existing proprietary data.

Identifiers Available Globally


Identifiers Available in Europe


Identifiers Available in Asia


Identifiers Available in North America


Identifiers Available in South America


Identifiers Available in Oceania

How We Build Our Audiences

Language and geographic classifiers help us understand precisely where users are based and for geo-targeting

Static, page content & IAB classifiers help us determine the page and context of the content the user is viewing

Google’s ADS look-a-like feature allows us to retrieve valuable information on in-market & affinity indexes

Audiencerate can post-qualify campaign performance data by implementing a pixel

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